Leaving the COMFORT ZONE

The comfort zone is a place where we get stuck; where our roots are ground deep; where we do and say just enough to stay where we are, who we are, and what we are.

Our futures crumble beneath the rot. We say things like, "Not today". That turns into "Next year" and it eventually becomes the thing that never happened. We live in our comforts, some of us will even die there. 

Our marriages are in trouble because the comfort zone says we’ve loved each other enough and marriage is too much work. Our finances barely get us through because we found a job that’s easy and paying bills isn’t fun.

The church is in “jeopardy” because the pews got comfy and we started sleeping on God. The faith of the public is a fading ember because we decided to give up on the work of Christ. The comfort zone traps us and keeps us hidden from God's glory. The comfort zone tells you pity is easier than prayer. 

Today ask yourself, what if Jesus stayed in his comfort zone? What if he was never born in a manger and instead stayed seated the right hand of God? What if he never carried the cross because the comfort zone said he didn’t have to? What if he never rose on the third day because it was easier that way? What if Jesus left the weight of my sin on me?  I am so glad Jesus left the biggest of comfort zones in heaven. He did what he knew he must do not what was easy, and he bought eternity for us all.

Don’t get stuck. Don’t let the devil imprison you in the comfort zone. God has more for you but you can’t receive what's next if you’re not willing to let go of what you’ve got. Maybe you’ve got to lose the job you have now to get the finances you’ve been praying for. Maybe you had to go through rough patch in your marriage to build trust. Maybe God's waiting on you to say that confident prayer to heal you. 

Who knows what God has in store for you but I can tell you none of it is in the comfort zone.

-Joseph Avery

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